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Below, the lubricants are ranked based on the viscosity grades. First, the second grade, the grade after W, determines the ranking. 

For Example, 5w20 comes before 0w40.


After the second grade, the first grade, the grade before W, determines the ranking. 

For example, 0w20 comes before 5w20.

Prime AgriCare 15W40



An up-to-date multifunctional lubricating oil for agricultural- and earthmoving equipment, formulated with top-grade solvent refined base oils and additives, to achieve the following properties:
-   a powerful dispersion and detergency
-   a high activity against wear, corrosion and foam
-   a very strong resistance to oxidation
-   an excellent extreme pressure properties
-   a high and stable viscosity index




This multifunctional lubricant (*) has been developed to achieve one single lubricating oil that is able to lubricate:
-   gasoline engines
-   diesel engines (with or without turbo-charging)
-   transmissions (also "wet" brakes)
-   hydraulic systems
(*) a so-called Super Tractor Oil Universal = STOU

Performance level

ACEA E3, MIL-L-2104D
John Deere J27
Massey Ferguson CMS M1144/M1145
MB 227.1
ZF TE-ML 06B/07B

Product information

Allison C4
Cat TO-2
Ford M2C134-D
John Deere J20C
Massey Ferguson CMS M1143

Safety Data Sheet

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