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Our manufacturer is Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of lubricants, with advanced facilities and highly professional staff, and it is all customer-centric. The manufacturer is certified by ISO-9001- 2015, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 45001.

Our manufacturer was established in Rotterdam with more than a hundred years of history until now. The location was chosen because it is situated ideally near the port of Rotterdam. This way the cost of transport to the port can be minimalized to a minimum. Furthermore, a hundred 80 kilometer further there is another port, Antwerpen, located in Belgium. It gives us and our customer more choice and flexibility for shipping the lubricants.

CyberOil is conducted in the Netherlands and it is committed to providing you with a variety of categories of lubricant products whether passenger car oil, commercial vehicle oil, or industrial lubricants; we can provide you with strong lubrication protection and advanced service trying to do everything possible to meet customer requirements, and pay much attention to the safety, health, and environmental issues. We can give our customers various types of product quality certification documents if it is required.

About CyberOil

The story of Cyberoil

We all should take our responsibility to take care of mother earth for our next generation. Climate change is caused by many CO2 emissions and has negatively influenced the earth. Therefore, the automotive industry plays an important role. Luckily, all automotive brands are continuously developing more friendly vehicles for the environment. Unfortunately, in the lubricant industry, there is still a lot of cheap bad quality in the market. This caused on long-term more damage to the engine and indirectly to the environment. The existence of bad quality is partly caused by the high price of high-quality lubricants. So some people can’t afford it. The founder of Cyberoil, with experience and network in the lubricant, saw this problem and established Cyberoil in 2018 in the Netherlands.


Cyberoil is a high-quality lubricant, similar or even higher as A-Brands, with the affordable price compared to A-brands. This way Cyberoil contribute a better environment by providing high-quality lubricants for a lower price than A-Brands. This has two advantages:

1: More people can afford a high-quality lubricant.

2: Saving more money: Compared with           

                                        - A-Brands: Less expensive

                                        - Low-quality brands: Higher lubricant price, but lower maintenance/repair costs in long-
                                           term. Finally, saving more money by using Cyberoil instead of low-quality brands.

Why Cyberoil

Cyber Oil is a new-concept brand of lubricants. It focuses on providing high-quality lubricants, relied on the latest technology, which will benefit everyone. From supplier to consumer, and further to the environment. Cyber is related to intelligent – and computer network technology. In the near future, all our vehicles will have (artificial) intelligence and CyberOil aims to provide adequate and sustainable lubrication protection for all types of automotive engines and industrial machinery relied on the latest technology. We will continue to develop new technologies and new products, to meet any requirements on automotive and industrial lubricants. Make your life be smart and be smooth.


This is how the name Cyberoil is chosen.


Wide Range 
With over 750 different lubricating oils CyberOil has a very wide range from which we can meet just about any demand. We offer the latest engine oils, but also the most suitable oils for heavy-duty racing engines, motorbikes, and agricultural vehicles. Furthermore, CyberOil also has a wide and dynamic range for virtually all industrial applications. 


Official approvals 
The quality of the lubricating oil is often judged on the basis of official OEM approvals. We have the latest and most OEM approvals, which gives it a unique position. 


Care for the environment 
We regard product development as one of the most important pillars of its success, with efforts focusing on longer and longer oil change intervals. We have also developed Eco products and an XHydraulic line that is contributing to a better environment. Product development is a continuous process and that gives our customers assurances that they will always be offered the latest developments in lubricating oil technology and care for the environment.


Quality assurance
CyberOil products meet and fulfill the quality standard of the national and international industry. Our manufacturer already supplies the products of consistently high quality for more than 100 years. The highly modern machinery make sure that the quality of CyberOil is constantly tested and monitored. An additional quality check is done by the laboratory. The laboratory will make an analysis of each production batch, products from the filling lines and incoming raw materials. This way we make sure the quality is high from raw materials till end products. Besides that, there is invested in the newest technology for the laboratory in order to carry out the test even better and faster. It also contributes a major role in product development to meet the most modern engines. 

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